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Well it has been quite an adjustment going from Africa to dubai to Milan to London !!! Lost my phone at Johannesburg airport realised just as we were boarding......damn! It was a big flight to Dubai arriving 5 in the morning .....had a few things to sort with losing my phone as it had the only PIN number for my cash passport! And my phone had no lock on it so had to cancel it with spark, hopefully they have done their bit. We set of to the tallest building by metro in Dubai we just paid to go to level 125 didn't want to pay the extra $150 each to go to level 148. It was pretty amazing views. We then set off to the gold. Souk in the old part of Dubai ......that was quite a journey on foot , in really bad shoes and with our cabin bags....we eventually found it , buy now we didn't have much time to look. Would have been great to have more time, but was still worth the big walk. All the gold was 18 or 22 carat so still not cheap enough for me. Quite proud to get back to the airport via the metro!
Next stop Milan arrived around 7.30 at night got too our hotel around midnight ......we were waiting for the shuttle at the arrivals part when it only goes to the departures.....we were cold and miserable by the time we got there and had a 6.30am flight to catch, had to be up at 4am to get the shuttle at 5am, the alarm didn't go off , woke up at 20 to 5........talk about rush!!!!!! Made the flight....yay. Arrived in London 7.30am shattered, cancelled the plans I had for the day and just went to the hotel.....which was really nice and crashed. Travis had the next day off and I set off to look around London .......cold and grey but I had a good day just wandering about spotting the main attractions like Big Ben , London bridge, Tower of London , Buckingham palace. The next day Travis and I went to St. Paul's .......which was just amazing, then to have a ride on the London eye, fantastic views. Our last day day went into the Tower of London and saw the torture tower and the Crown Jewels .......so it has been all go. Arrived in Paris last night another late arrival at the hotel but Paris was alive with activity. I much prefer Paris over London . Travis had a day at the hotel while I ventured out seeing what sights I could find, Paris is so vibrant with people and shops, cafes everywhere .....its just great......but everyone was coupled up except me!!!! Haha. Travis and I are heading out earlyish to go up the Eiffel Tower and then head off by train the scenic route to Munich then straight on to Austria for 4 nights. I went into the Le louvre today .......simply amazing building on the outside and then magnificently hand painted ceilings and decorated rooms and all that before you even start checking out the art and sculptures........you could spend a very long time at the Le louvre but I just had around two hours.....am so pleased I have been able to spend that time there and got to see Mona Lisa . Travelling in the off season in both Africa and Europe definatley has its advantages without crowds of people to deal with. Will put some more pics up soon.

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